How To Go Koh Kaew Phuket Thailand

Koh Kaew Phuket Thailand

South of Prom Thep Cape, 3 km from Rawai Beach.

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Koh Kaew Phuket

Take long tail-boats from Rawai Beach, about 15 minutes.

Koh Kaew

Koh Kaew is clearly seen ahead of the sea when overlooking from Prom Theop Cape or from Rawai Beach. The island comprises Koh Kaew Yai and Koh Kaew Noi while Koh Kaew Yai is more attracting because of its beautiful sandy beach, good swimming spot and delightful atmosphere.

There is the limitated Footprint of the Lord Buddha housed on the island. It is appropriate for tourists who do not like to spend much time sailing across the sea. It is not an expensive trip, peaceful surroundings and good swimming area.

Koh Kaew Phuket Thailand

Bungalows at Rawai Beach as well as rented boats. No accommodation on the island
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